Yesterday Astor’s Nod was featured on Robin Meiksins‘ project, 365 Days of Flute. Robin has undertaken an ambitious project starting in September 2016 to record and post a flute standard or a piece submitted by a living composer every day for a year. Astor’s Nod made her selections and an excerpt was […]

Astor’s Nod featured on the “365 Days of Flute” project

Here’s a nice write-up about the collaboration between Interlochen and the New York Philharmonic that included the NY premiere of tritonicity.  

Successful New York premiere

I’m excited to announce that my new piece for wind band and spoken word artist, Beauty Ancient and New, will be premiered on Saturday at Interlochen’s Corson Auditorium by the Academy Band with special guest Sareem Poems. This piece has been a journey. Thanks to encouragement from Dr. Matt Schlomer, IAA’s […]

Premiere of “Beauty Ancient and New”

For a composer, there’s nothing like a composition coming to life. This one’s gotten some performances, but… NY premiere this Saturday. By Interlochen students. In the Lincoln Center. And I get to be there. Here’s an article about the concert. This was first played by eighth blackbird in Pittsburgh. Quite a […]

‘tritonicity’ to receive NY premiere at the Lincoln Center

  Hi all! I’m pleased to announce that cha chi ka, my piece for amplified voices and percussion has been selected for inclusion on a new chamber music site: If you’re looking for new music, check out this newly curated collection!

New Chamber Music site!

“The show also features a performance of the Christmas carol “Star-Speak,” written by Interlochen composer Thomas Childs with lyrics by [Ann-Marie] Oomen.” The article can be found in Traverse City’s newspaper, The Record Eagle here.  

Star-Speak featured at Christmas show

Wouldn’t Harm a Fly…, my piece for clarinet and piano, gets its official national premiere a week from tomorrow on August 1. Dr. Cassandra Hibbard landed a prime spot on the Saturday 3 o’clock concert at ClarinetFest 2014 in Baton Rouge, LA. Thanks to Cassandra and the commissioning consortium for supporting […]

Wouldn’t Harm a Fly… at ClarinetFest 2014!

It’s been a while, so here are a couple updates on what I’ve been doing: I was commissioned to write for the Interlochen Shakespeare Festival in June & July. The Festival put on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Part of the script calls for the actors to sing the lines. The producer and director […]

Summer updates

Wouldn’t Harm a Fly, the clarinet & piano piece based on Hitchcock’s Psycho and commissioned by Cassandra Hibbard, is programmed to premiere on January 11th. The recital will take place at the MSU Community Music School in East Lansing. I’m beyond thrilled to hear this piece come to life. A big […]

Premiere of “Wouldn’t Harm a Fly” date set for January ...

In the late fall of this year, I was approached by the directors of the Interlochen Band and Choir to write a new carol. The piece was intended to be part of a multi-discipline Christmas extravaganza which took place December 19th. The joint band and choir concert was hosted by […]

Star-Speak: A new carol performed