Assimilation (chamber)


Premiere:    Laura Block, AJ Cutright, Eleanor Kreilkamp, Emily Plassman. Duquesne University, 2008.

Duration:    7:00

Difficulty:    Intermediate/Advanced

Instrumentation:    flute, trumpet, cello, piano



Program Notes: Assimilation is a work sonically exploring the tendency to seek conformity at the expense of unique ideas and creativity. An unusual chamber group of piano, cello, flute and trumpet perform this work.  The piece is based on two rhythmic motives: a brief, flitting motive used as the basis for independent exploration of melody and the second a heavier, steady pulse, the majority that demands conformity. Throughout the piece several melodic ideas are explored in contrast to the whole, only to be assimilated back into the steady ongoing march of the second motive.

Scores are available for $9. Purchase here.


Full orchestral version here.