Commission:    Tala Rasa Percussion.

Premiere:    Tala Rasa Percussion. (SCENE) metrospace, Lansing, MI, 2012.

Duration:    8:00

Difficulty:    Intermediate

Instrumentation:    three frame drums, marbles, ping-pong & rubber balls.


Program Notes: Roulette was commissioned by Tala Rasa Percussion. Their initial request was for a percussion piece that was quiet but utilized drums. The piece was premiered on a concert of “quiet” percussion music, mostly mallet pieces, and they were looking for something that would fit the program with drums, some groove, and potentially theatrical elements. This piece meets all of those needs and it was great fun collaborating with these guys.

Tala Rasa is Steven Wulff, Brendan Betyn, and James Beauton.

Scores are available for $9. Purchase here.