Star-Speak: A new carol performed


In the late fall of this year, I was approached by the directors of the Interlochen Band and Choir to write a new carol. The piece was intended to be part of a multi-discipline Christmas extravaganza which took place December 19th. The joint band and choir concert was hosted by IPR classical music host Kate Botello and involved everything from dancers to a volunteer sleigh bell player for Sleigh Ride to Santa Claus conducting a sing-along of Christmas carols. The recording of the live broadcast on IPR can be found here. The new carol can be heard around the 49 minute mark.

Star-Speak was a “gift carol,” included in the concert-goers program, which was performed with encouraged audience participation. The lyrics were adapted from a poem by creative writing faculty Ann-Marie Oomen. I have plans to create additional versions (including piano accompaniment) which will be available here on the website.

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